Tue Jun 1, 2010 3:01pm EDT
Process Uses Less Energy, Produces Less Waste
INDIANAPOLIS--(Business Wire)--

“Lexington Pharmaceuticals Laboratories, LLC (Lexington) has developed a novel method and improvement over disclosed processes to manufacture sucralose.

Lexington is a sister corporation to Heartland Sweeteners, LLC, a leading manufacturer of tabletop sugar alternatives with its Nevella and Ideal brands as well as private-label products. Lexington has continually improved sucralose process technology, and recently discovered a method to reduce energy use and waste from the manufacturing process.

Lexington has had the process reviewed by David C. Baker, Ph.D., an organic chemist with the University of Tennessee who is familiar with sucralose manufacturing processes. Dr. Baker stated, "Lexington`s process for sucralose manufacturing shows the ability to produce sucralose at significant energy savings over currently disclosed processes and should also produce less waste in that process…"

“…Heartland has invested through Lexington Pharmaceuticals (located on the Purdue Research Park in West Lafayette, Ind.) in proprietary next-generation technology to bring the highest quality materials to market. "Lexington`s process reduces or eliminates early-stage impurities during the critical chlorination step, and thus it reduces undesirable by-products and produces a purer form of sucralose,added Baker…”.

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