Principal Investigator

Stephen C. Fields Ph.D

Stephen received his B. S in Chemistry with Honors at Bucknell University (1985) studying under H. Pinnick and his Ph. D. in Organic Chemistry (1990) as a McElvain Scholar at the University of Wisconsin-Madison under E Vedejs. While there, he gained experience in heterocycles and amino acid synthesis, stable and radio-isotope synthesis, and microbial fermentations. Stephen has 19 years of industrial experience as a bench scientist at Dow AgroSciences. In this role, he developed novel chemical syntheses, new methodology/routes, structure/activity relationships and patent protection strategies. He developed the first known syntheses for four diverse natural products and a new amino acid protecting group sequence which is now widely used and included in reference books. His body of work (23 publications, 10 patents and 15 external presentations) has been cited in over 100 publications and patents.

At Dow AgroSciences, Stephen also served as a research Group Leader (1997-2006) and led Natural Products, Weed Management and Insect Management teams for developing hits, leads and projects. His biggest invention was discovery of the key chemical transformation which opened up a new area of pyridine herbicide chemistry for Dow. He developed the strategy for exploiting this area, resulting in five patents, two products and two additional phased candidates with forecasted combined annual sales of $500M. He gained considerable expertise in designing / improving synthetic routes of target molecules. Synthetic chemistry platforms include: boron and phosphorus chemistry, amino acids, pyridines and other heterocycles, natural products, and synthetic methodology development.

Steve joined Lexington Pharmaceuticals in 2009, to collaborate on development of an improved manufacturing process for sucralose and to advance the understanding of complex carbohydrate chemistry.